Critical Panel Review – Climate Footprint of Straw Pyrolysis & Straw Biogas

The aim was to perform a critical review of the study “Climate Footprint Analysis of Straw Pyrolysis & Straw Biogas”. The review included several rounds of written feedback and virtual meetings.

The client

Stiesdal Fuel Technologies A/S – Denmark

Our role

2.-0 LCA consultants arranged the critical review. The review panel was chaired by LCA expert Tomas Ekvall and included Concetta Lodato from DTU Environment and Frank Rosager from Biogas Danmark. Project completed September 2021.

Authors’ statement

The author of the climate footprint study, Tobias Pape Thomsen from Roskilde University, provides the following assessment on the value of the panel review process and results:

The outcome of the review process has been very valuable for the scientific quality, robustness and credibility of the climate footprint study. The expert panel has been very thorough in their work and have provided comments on all levels from editorial details to the fundamental aspects of the work. The first round of written feedback was extensive and the follow-up meeting was well prepared and packed with relevant discussions. The study has undergone significant changes based on these activities.

The expert panel review has proved to be far more useful than a classic, scientific peer review for the specific type of work. The panel was handpicked for the task, covering a very broad range of relevant aspects and had both knowledge and insight related to method, system and Danish context. For a situated study like the present, this is paramount to provide relevant peer-feedback. The panel seemed to work well together and the output from their work was constructive and timely. In addition to feedback and concrete suggestions, the panel has also contributed with specific data from otherwise inaccessible sources to improve the quality of the study. This is beyond what may normally be expected from a review process and I am grateful for this help.

The review process has been challenging but highly rewarding. In addition to improving the quality of the specific study, I have learned a lot from the process. About methodological issues as well as about the modelled systems. Discussions have included both smaller details and large controversial aspects. The panel has been highly professional, the work environment positive and the criticism constructive. I sensed a genuine interest from the expert panel in the study and a will to contribute constructively and positively to the work. I would like to thank all members of the panel for their efforts and contributions.

Link to reviewed final publication: Climate Footprint Analysis of Straw Pyrolysis & Straw Biogas: Assessment of the Danish climate crisis mitigation potential of two new straw management options.