CALCAS was aimed at identifying short-term, mid-term and long-term research lines on how to achieve a substantial efficacy increase in supporting sustainability decisions, going beyond the shortcomings and limitations of LCA at that time.

The client

EU’s Sixth Framework Programme – European Union

Our role

The contributions from 2.-0 LCA consultants to the CALCAS project were two chapters on Consequential LCA and on hybrid approaches. The work was reported in Guidelines for application of deepened and broadened LCA – Deliverable D18 of work package 5. Project completed March 2009.

Co-ordination Action for Innovation in Life-Cycle Analysis

CALCAS, Coordination Action for innovation in Life Cycle Analysis for Sustainability, was a pan-European project, financed by the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission. The main goal was the review of the basic current paradigms of LCA in order to overcome its current limits.

Starting from the complexity of the theme (the multidisciplinary of the sustainability concept – environmental, economic and social issues -, the different nature of the choice and of the involved subjects, the role of the governance systems) three main activity lines were developed:

  1. analysis of present and perspective needs of different users (policy makers, business, citizens, R&D programmers);
  2. critic revision on assessment tools and their scientific basis to individuate different integration pathways;
  3. analysis on mechanisms linking governance systems and sustainability decisions.

The project started on September 2006 and lasted for 30 months, with a budget of about 1.6 M€.