Exiobase club

Exiobase is the most comprehensive global hybrid LCA database available. The database is ideal for corporate, sectoral, national and global footprinting. Further, the database can be used as background database for detailed LCAs as well as for mass flow analysis of regions and countries as part of circular economy analyses. Other uses count life cycle costing, social LCA etc.

The current version of Exiobase use 2011 as base year. Therefore, there is a need for updating to a newer year.

Our Exiobase update club is a crowdfunded project aimed at funding an update. As a member you get:

  • Instant and early access to model: raw data, IO-model, SimaPro
  • Instant access to an expanded version of Exiobase, which includes indirect land use changes, electricity markets and where investments are integrated in the core IO-model
  • Influence on prioritizing improvements (countries, sector/products, documentation, uncertainty data)

The club is open to everyone and subscription costs 3 000 EUR. Would you like to subscribe, or to know more – contact us.

Recorded Webinar on EXIOBASE 3 in SimaPro: https://support.simapro.com/articles/Video/Recorded-Webinar-EXIOBASE-3-in-SimaPro/