New E P&L report

A new report on environmental profit and loss account (E P&L) for Novo Nordisk has been released.

Several interesting new methodological developments are presented in the new E P&L. The geographical scope of Novo Nordisk’s E P&L is unique by applying two different regional EIO tables. The model used was an extended input-output (EIO) table called FORWAST developed by 2.-0 LCA consultants which was even further elaborated during the study. Indirect land-use (ILUC) was integrated in the EIO.

The Novo Nordisk E P&L is reported in two parts; the main report, which focuses on the results and the application of these in a Novo Nordisk context, and the methodology report which focuses on the methodology applied for establishing the E P&L results.

Novo Nordisk’s E P&L:

Methodology report: